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Side projects




I always like creating things outside of advertising. Here are a few highlights.


While I wish I could claim I had something to do with my art director, Mike D'Amico becoming the World Cup sensation known as Teddy Goalsevelt, I cannot. He created that all on his own. I did, however, help create a fundraiser to keep USA's good luck charm in Brazil an extra week or so. Plus I created this rad case study video. 


Teddy resurfaced again a year later to run for FIFA president. I helped create his campaign ads. 


Here's another video my friend, Jesse helped write and edit for Movember and testicular cancer awareness. It got a bunch of views and a mention in the Denver Egotist & AgencySpy. 


I like to do Stand up comedy on the side. Here's a poster for a show I was in at Second City. The talented Ami Lewis designed it. I'll upload my next show, I promise.