Smith & Forge




Back in the 1800s hard cider was the most popular drink in America. Smith & Forge was created to honor the grit & toughness of yesteryear, and celebrate cider the way it’s supposed to taste.




The 19th Century was a hard time for everyone, even an exotic dancer. For the 2016 SI Swimsuit edition we teamed up with, influencer, Amanda Cerny to prove it. (I wrote & directed this piece of content. And I think Amanda and I are pretty much dating now).

Here's the print we created. The first page piques the viewer’s interest. The following spread pays it off with classic tomfoolery.

We were also the first brand ever to utilize Facebook Live to broadcast her striptease. And posted several SnapChat teasers linking to Instagram & Youtube. It ended up being one of MillerCoors best social stunts ever, particularly because all views were organic. 


Here's a bus wrap we did to bring that old-timey feel to Chicago. The arm on the side of the bus is the same arm I use to write copy.